About Us

About Us

Francis Mercier and Ajamu Kambon are two entrepreneurs with a shared passion for discovering unique artists often unable to breakthrough due to lack of resources and connections. They co-founded Deep Root Records (DR2), a multi-facet NYC record label.

Focused on music production, artist management, and public relations, DR2 has become a home for artists who create exceptionally original dance music. DR2 finds and signs top level talent, undoubtedly aiding in the transformation of today’s music culture. By connecting with labels, media companies, and PR agencies in the music industry; DR2 fosters enriched relationships amongst artists.

In addition, DR2 promotes new business alliances through brand consolidation, ultimately increasing fan engagement in a more sensible and holistic manner. With its proven expertise in brand consultancy, DR2 offers innovative and profitable customer experiences in programmatic advertising, publishing, and bookings. Its services are primarily focused on delivering three key successes: music promotion and publishing, larger record label partnerships, and artist bookings and showcases.

To access untapped markets and increase fan bases outside of social media, DR2 secures press on the most popular blogs, publications, podcasts, and radio stations. Through its extensive promotional network, DR2 artists have garnered millions of plays. Current artists have received support from world famous DJs and tastemakers such as Diplo, Skrillex, Dillion Francis, Robbie Rivera, Oliver Heldens, Thomas Gold, Chocolate Puma, Michael Brun, The Voyagers , Gregor Salto, AC Slater, Shiba San, and MDE to name a few.

DR2 is proud to be the premier launch partner for unchartered music and artists. Francis Mercier and Ajamu Kambon will provide dedicated management, deliver personalized services, and help take your artistry to the next level.

Get in touch with us at info@deeprootrecords.com for all PR, branding, licensing, music production and music promotion services. Your ambition can become a reality with the Deep Root engine.